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Scholarships will be available to families who otherwise would not be able to afford high quality preschool for their child. There are requirements for receiving scholarships that will ensure family participation. Programs that receive scholarships must also be approved and meet certain guidelines.  

The program is loosely modeled after the A+ program for high school students. 

The Every Child Promise Strategic Plan, introduced to the community on Jan. 21, 2014, includes four Phase 1 priorities, one of which is to provide scholarship asssitance to all families with children 0-5 years within Springfield Public Schools' boundaries. This Cause Momentum is designed to seek community support to partially fund the full goal of $100,000 for 60+ scholarships.

For more information about Every Child Promise check out our website:

Photos courtesy of the Springfield News-Leader, by Valerie Mosley



The Every Child Promise Profile

The Every Child Promise: Our Community promises to empower families, so that every child age birth to six has the opportunity to enter our schools ready to learn.

Our mission is to prepare a long term strategic plan to deliver this “promise.” This will be accomplished through setting game changing strategic objectives, utilizing the broad existing network of child advocates, identifying and addressing gaps, coordinating strategies, measuring and communicating progress to the community, and seeking sustainable funding for effective and proven programs.

Our focus is on every child in our community age birth to six, investing wisely now to save later.


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Pledge Incentives

The Every Child Promise

A movement to inspire and challenge our community to put children first.

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